What does a theatre lighting designer do?
We create the environment in which the event takes place.

Scott Parker is an USA829 Lighting Designer with experience in all aspects of theater and corporate events. Scott’s favorite moments are standing behind the tech table creating vivid flowing images that match the music and action on stage.

Scott’s boards of choice are the ETC EOS and Hog4. Here he is programming a Hog4 for corporate meetings. His experience in television lighting allows for quick collaboration with the video team when meetings are streamed live or being recorded for broadcast.

Scott C. Parker in Houston supervising a large rigging installation

Scott has served as a production supervisor, technical director, stage manager, and lead rigger for scores of productions and events. He is ETCP certified for both rigging and electrics. As a member of the IATSE union he works well with both union and non-union crews.

Scott Teaching

Scott has an extensive background in education. His years of teaching brings a level of calm communication with both clients and crew whom all bring their own wide range of backgrounds and experience. Scott produces the annual Stage Lighting Super Saturday workshop where he helps answer “What Do Broadway’s Best Lighting Designers Actually Do?”

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