Alchemy of Light was a devised piece created and directed by Ruth Sergal in NYC. The most challenging part of our staging during our second production was my having just a single 20 amp outlet to light the entire show.

Interactive Installation with Live Performers (2010) Alchemy of Light melds 19th century illusionism with current interactive technologies to depict the life of the legendary magician Torrini as a parable from a time when our lives first became mediated by machines.

Contributing artists + designers: Jordann Baker, Loren Bevans, Magnus Pind Bjerre, Sean Blue, Jude Calder, Jon Cottle, Paul DiPietro, Laura Doggett, Justin Downs, Erik Friedlander, Pamela Griffiths, Will Hanza, Richard Harkness, Kate Hartman, Josh Higgason, Lucia J. Lee, Nathan Lemoine, Mark Mitton, Michael Montes, Jeff Morey, Rory Nugent, Mareike Opeña, Scott C Parker, Randi Rivera, Peter von Salis, Eva von Schweinitz, Claudia Sidoti, Karolina Sobecka, Keena Suh, Paul Weathered.

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